"Like snowboarding and surfing, painting is a medium of art that gives me a resonance of peace. In both learning by doing, communicating with people and exploring techniques and ways to express oneself is a way for me to evolve.


Whether it´s a recycled skate deck, canvas or a large wall, I love to paint improvising. Exploring the little details of nature and the connection that I feel are common to all life.


Art can be channeled in many ways and one way is to share the vibration of love and wisdom that are found inside every being.


Rauhaa - Peace."


Niko Lehtola aka Uni is a self-taught muralist, painter and designer, father and a lifetime traveller. He's an active creative member of Spraycankontrol Street Art Association and head organizers of the international street art festival - Spraycankontrol / Meeting Of Styles Finland - held in 2018 and 2017.

His roots are deep in the local hills and snowboarding culture but have got plenty of influences from travels to several countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America. His surreal, detailed and vibrant art is strongly influenced by graffiti and rap-music, and inspired by the native cultures around the World, Nature, moments of inner silence and visionary states.


Aside from the murals and other wall art you can find my art on skateboards, canvases, prints and on limited edition t-shirts in collaboration with THTC - The Hemp Trading Co.